1¡¢ Design and manufacture of product according to advanced standard such as ANSI B16.34,BS1873 etc.

2¡¢ Configuration of body as elegant bucket or streamline, through-wary port with small liquid resistance.

3¡¢Blow-down part and facing of seat utilize aw seal ,with small strength to blows down scour resistance seal credible.

4¡¢Exchangeable seat,random combine the maaterial of surfache of blows down part to meet the requirement of work status, prolong sertvice life.

5¡¢ Big size, high pressure globe alve accordance with need of blows up and down strngth,driving style of stem use lift style, fix rolling bearing or use knock style hand wheel to reduce blow-down or blow-up strength.

6¡¢Material of main body,material of trims, packing,washer,material of fastener can logically combine according to customer's requirement or actual work status.